I Feel Stupid and Violated

I feel stupid and violated. I was scammed. I posted my story on a widow support group and got some really rude remarks. I tried just scrolling by but after more and more kept on me I deleted the post.

Here is my story. 6 months ago I was in a widow dating site. I saw a picture of a man that all the women posting to him. They were basically was ready to rape this man. I said, “nice picture, and not to be to forward you are a nice looking man.” That was it. A few hours later I got a message from him. Up until this past weekend we talked daily and often as well as chatting. I never thought I was being scammed. I was helping the man who loved me. I found out that he was talking and scamming four other women some for 6,000, me a 1,000. He has threatened to kill me if I don’t continue to help him. Cops in the state I sent money from to cops where he lives are involved. Yes I have an actual address. I sent him a card he received it and took a picture with it. I also had video chatted with him. The other women said I was the one he wanted and loved. My trust is broken as well as my heart. Too many lies and too much denial.

Thanks for reading.