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contactD.L.’s keynote provides critical information to keep those people safe who are online dating.

This is an informative and captivating presentation. Your audience will learn identifiable Red Flags and the inner workings of the romance scam told by scammers themselves. They can use this first-hand insight and information to be safe and educate their family and friends.

D.L. Garren was a victim of the romance scam, and she quickly realized the lack of proper education and awareness is the fuel that keeps this criminal fire burning out of control. Using her personal experience as a springboard, D. L. dedicated two and a half years of her life gathering as much intelligence as possible to write a book, “Who Is the Real Man Behind the Screen?”

D.L. draws heavily from the victims from all over the world in her support group and her chats with twenty-six scammers, three of whom revealed their real identities and became her inside sources and three men that confirmed this information. They taught her the inner workings of the romance scam and helped her navigate safely through her research.

To ensure the validity and reliability of her research, D.L. took three distinct measures:

  • She did not reveal to anyone that she was working with multiple sources
  • She checked the information she received from each against the others
  • She spoke with several independent Nigerian sources who verified the information given her by the scammers

Further, when she needed investigative advice, D.L. reached out to her certified fraud investigator clients.

Book D. L. Garren and she will provide a compelling behind-the-scenes trip into the workings of the scamming world for your audience. It will truly educate them!

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Prior Speaking Events

2016 Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators Conference, “The Red Flags and Inner Workings of Online Dating Scams.”
Hershey, PA (September 12-13, 2016)

2015 Indiana Society of Professional Investigators Conference, “The Red Flags and Inner Workings of Online Dating Scams”.
Indianapolis, Indiana (April 10-11, 2015)

2014 Texas of Licensed Investigators Annual Conference (TALI), “The Red Flags and Inner Workings of Online Dating Scams”.
Austin, Texas (September 2-25, 2014)

2014 AALPI APSA Conference, “The Red Flags and Inner Workings of Online Dating Scams”.
Chandler AZ (September 27)