The Loneliness Epidemic Is Fueling the Romance Scam Epidemic.

This article is to educate and protect you and your loved ones from online scammers during this holiday season and beyond. Please be sure to pass this information forward.

The Internet is like the wild wild west. It is uncontrolled and where scammers lurk to make their fortune with one of the most profitable scams today, called the “Romance Scam.” The busiest time of the year for scammers is during the holiday season because this is when people are the loneliest and wishing they had someone who loved them and would spend the holidays with them. Once a victim sends money, it is gone forever with no recourse to retrieve it because law enforcement is generally powerless to help retrieve your money.

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If you are contacted via Facebook friend request, messenger, Skype, Instagram, Twitter, Text on your phone, e-mail, Whatsapp or any other way by a stranger, don’t be curious: Just DELETE!

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Being Lonely Makes You A Target of Being Scammed

There is a difference between being "alone" and feeling "lonely." Today in the USA there is 72% loneliness. We have all experienced loneliness. Loneliness comes from feeling nobody cares about us. It's easy to get into this place when we are "isolated" from people and...

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Is Your Gut Telling You Something’s Wrong?

Hello Everyone...Are you chatting with someone online? Do you have a gut feeling that something isn't right? Have you ignored that gut feeling? Please do not ignore it. It is trying to protect you. Step away and look at what doesn't see right with your brain and not...

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Scammers Are Narcissists

Scammers  are narcissists. They are masters of illusion and deceit. They fool people into falling in love with them to steal their money for their gain. They care nothing for their victims. At the end of the scam, the victim is left broken and stripped emotionally,...

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Men Are “Breaking Their Silence!”

MXMGATL 98.9FM welcomes "Take Over #2" TONIGHT! You don't want to miss this show tonight...Men are "breaking their silence!" #SilentVictimsNoMore - Guest Co-Host & Author Diana L. Garren - with her "Male Episode" on #RomanceScamVictims " #MaleVictimsOfRomanceScams...

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