About Us


Silent Victim No More operates from a strong and highly ethical foundation of values that ensures our commitment to successful creation of a worldwide movement of education and awareness to stop this hideous crime of the “Romance Scam”.

Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to stop the pandemic of the Internet romance scam by educating people worldwide about the romance scam so they no longer fall prey to this hideous crime. We know that once the money supply is stopped, the scammers will stop because it will no longer be profitable to them.

Our Mission:

At Silent Victim No More our mission is to create awareness worldwide of the Internet Romance Scam, facilitate educational and awareness programs that will prevent innocent people from being scammed, and provide a safe environment for those who have been scammed. In this environment, victims will come out of denial, break free from their scammer, heal their hearts, learn healthy life skills, and regain their life back. They will go from being a victim to being an overcomer.

Scammers will only do what brings them money. Once the achievement of our mission is fulfilled, people will be aware, educated, and no longer engage with scammers. This will cut off the cash flow scammers once enjoyed, and eradicate the Internet Romance Scam. No more innocent people will have their hearts broken, assets or identity stolen, go to jail or commit suicide. The billions of dollars that once left our country will now stay in our country and strength our economy.

Our Values:

We are completely focused on our mission. We operate from a place of service, respect and integrity. We are dedicated to eradicating the romance scam through awareness and education. We provide leadership that fosters teamwork and excellence.

Focused: We are 100% focused on prevention through educating people worldwide and helping former victims heal so they can live their lives again.

Service: Our goal is to serve others and help those who have been victimized become healed and whole again.

Dedication: We are dedicated to our purpose and mission. We will not stop until the romance scam stops.

Respect: We treat all individuals with respect and dignity, no matter the mistakes they have made.

Integrity: You can always count on us to do what we say we will do. We conduct our business according to the Golden Rule- do unto others, as you want done unto yourself.

Leadership: Leaders have the ability to envision solutions, set plans in motion, and empower those around them. We lead by example and provide leadership to those helping us carry forth our mission.

Teamwork: We realize that true success only occurs through teamwork. We know that our mission will only be carried forth if we all work as a team, and we embrace teamwork every step of the way. There is power in numbers. We are building an army of men and women who will no longer be silent. They will now speak up to educate and stop this crime.

Excellence: We believe that something worth doing is worth doing right. We are committed to excellence in all we do.