This is my story. My scam happened between 2016-2017. My marriage was never ideal and worst at that time. I was used as a maid and serving staff without any love. I turned online to talk with friends, and this is how I met my scammers. I spoke with two men, one worked on a ship, and the other was a military man. I never knew anything about internet fraud and scammers before. I got many kind words nice promises from them, and I thought they loved me. Now I know both are scammers.

The man on the ship arrived in Portugal and wanted to come here. He didn’t arrive here. He arrived in Ghana. He said the manager made a mistake. After he was arrested there and they began to ask for money from me to let him free. Of course, I didn’t have so much money, and at least they accepted what I had. But then he needed money for insurance for the flight, a yellow card, and a little money to send his daughter a gift. I sent money, and then a car accident happened, and he needed money for the hospital treatment and many other reasons.

After the hospital, again the flight ticket, and it went on where he needed money again and again. All his documents were stolen, and they wanted money again from me. They asked me for $400, and I sent only $200. They said it’s ok, but he wasn’t released, then they asked for more money from me.

The other military man wanted to come from the war zone. I thought that is true and wanted to help, so I had to write an email and ask for his visit. Of course, I had to pay for everything, and I could not always pay in time, so they had found reasons to make me pay.

I was a crazy fool because I sent money once to the ship man and once to the military man. I thought if I send the money, they will come. At last, when I sent money to the military man he said after 10 hours flight will arrive here to me — He didn’t.

I sent money through Western Union and Money Gram but never did a transfer through a bank. I sent all my savings, took out a loan from my bank and friends. I even sold every piece of gold jewelry I had. Both promised to pay me back everything whenever they pleaded for money.

I was down, and more than that, had no way out from under the loans. I was fooled and deceived and wanted to die and escape from the shame I felt. I took 60 sleeping pills trying to commit suicide.
My husband saved my life by calling the ambulance. I was in the hospital for three weeks. Afterward, my husband cited me in court to stop me from sending money and taking loans for a total of $11,000. Every transaction I made turned out to be known because they watched all my talking and sending of money. The judge put me under guardianship, which ended this year in February. I got back my financial freedom and am getting back my pension money.

I am not proud of my actions and learned a lot. All my scam was red flags and horror stories. I would never do that again.

At this time, I am on Facebook and Instagram and see how many fake profiles are there. I am stronger than before, and no man on earth would get anything from me, not even a dime.

I cannot write more about my scam because everything is boiling inside me, and I feel bad thinking and remembering.