Wow, where to start…I met a man on Zoosk. I was very new to online dating and had no concept of being scammed. It wasn’t even on my radar. I met a man 180 miles away, and we began talking every day. I even sent him a gift to his office once, and he sent me back a picture of it, so I believed he was real.

Then he was offered a contract that would take him out of the country to Cyprus. He went to Hamilton first and then returned briefly to get ready for this trip. He was to meet me at the airport, but something went wrong, and that meeting did not happen…that should have been the first clue, but no. So, off he supposedly goes to Cyprus, and the so-called relationship flourishes with so many promises that would never be.

His first “problem” was that his laptop had burned out due to some reason, and he needed another one right away and could not get it there. Yes, I went to the Apple Store, purchased the laptop he needed, and shipped it to Cyprus. That cost me $5,300.00. Later on, there would be an accident at his worksite, and as the project manager said, he would be arrested and held responsible for the man who died of his injuries.

This guy was good! He even managed to have sirens in the background when he called distraught over the man’s injuries. Long story short, a lawsuit arose from this, and that is how I lost another 16,000. It needed to be paid to the family of the man who had died. I sent my money through another man playing the role of his lawyer. Many months later, he would tell me he was finally coming home but needed some money for personal items, and yes, I once more sent money. Of course, there was a phone call from the supposed lawyer saying he’d been shot on his way to the airport. It was three months before I heard from him again and claimed the lawyer was a crook and that he was lucky to escape. Our contact after that was quite sporadic and finally stopped in August, which was two and a half years after it started.

The bottom line, obviously it was all a scam. I am a well-educated, intelligent woman. Never in a million years would I have believed that I could be a victim of this kind of scam, but I was, and so were many other wonderful, smart, intelligent men and women just like me. We have all fell victims to these professional criminals.