My story begins with meeting this Man on a Dating Site. He claimed to be divorced and had a daughter named Pamela, who lived in Paris. He claimed to live in Corning, New York, and was raised in Calais, France. He also stated his wife had been killed in the Paris bombing attacks following his divorce.

After a few weeks, he explained that his daughter was ill in Paris, France, which then developed into COVID-19. He then flew to France to be with his daughter. Following a week of his daughter coming off a respirator, he stated he had business in Cape Town, South Africa, and was flying in on a private plane. After three days, he then said there was a shooting at a mine in South Africa, and he had to run for his life. He then said both his American and French passports and personal belongings were stolen, leaving him without anything. He said he had notified the bank to stop the use of his card since that was also stolen.

Then the needed money story began. He said he needed money for a hotel, food, etc. He said he could not fly out of South Africa because of limited flights leaving due to the COVID Pandemic.

Finally, after four weeks, he stated he was leaving on a flight back to the USA. The night before leaving, he claimed he was smuggling gemstones in a computer since he was a Gemologist. I was mortified, and he said, “I need this money for my daughter and me.”

The next day while trying to board the flight, well, you know what comes next; he was detained and apparently arrested. Then he requested more money from me, which I refused to send. He claimed after a few weeks that he was back in Paris, thus attempting to have me send him more money to fly back to the USA.  I refused to send him money.

The total amount I sent him from beginning to end was $43,000.

They are cons and very convincing. He still claims he will repay the money when he arrives home. His excuse for losing contact was he was unable to pay for his phone until he got home to the USA.

This is my Story. Please stay off dating sites and be very careful. Do NOT send money ever!