My story is long. The events lasted 2 years. She claimed to be a designer and musician working in South Africa, but from Spain. She said she had a good job and an inheritance. She produced fake documents.

She first convinced me to help with a project for 18k. Then I gave her 25k to help her with the kidnapping of her 14 year old daughter. Then the African immigration fined her for overstaying her visa for 20k, then flight money, etc. This was a complete nightmare!

By the time I learned about her fake passport she provided I was wiped out financially. FTC would not take my claim because I missed the deadline of May 2018.

I’m 52 and now having to start all over because my life savings are gone all because I am a normal human being who was deceived by online crooks using technology to steal. Dating sites which appear legit and safe are simply not!

Jesus Esparza