I married a Russian woman after meeting her, and the people she said were her parents. She used the alias Ilona Dauksha or Ilona Arturovna Dauksha (Илона Даукша or Даукша Илона Артуровна or Илона Артуровна Даукша).

She seemed richer than I was, and never asked me for money the first three years I knew her, so there were no alarm bells.

Once she came to the United States, three years after I met her, her behavior changed: her spending was incredible, she became incredibly rude, and she wouldn’t explain why she was sleeping on the couch.  Eventually, I had enough and moved out. When she thought I had figured out her secret—that she had never planned for the marriage to work but was merely interested in spending my money and getting permanent residency in the US—she threatened me, telling me she was connected with the Russian mafia.  After she stole almost all my furniture and appliances, I believed her.

We have been separated for over two years, after being married less than four months. I have not heard from her since the separation.