I met a man by the name of Henry Young on a dating site called Mingle. He told me he was from the USA and has been deployed to Nigeria. He started by telling me that his base was attacked, and he had no way of communicating with me and needed me to send him $100 USA. Then he told me he was hungry and had no food to eat, and then he said to me that he needed surgery and had no money, so I sent him $200 Canadian. He told me eight different lies. He told me he bought food and the canteen he bought someone placed poison in it, so he had to get drained. Then he said to me he was sick and where he was he had no food or anything to drink, and that he needed medicine, but the doctors wouldn’t give him any and were mean to him. He told me he was coughing up blood because he had no food, and nobody would help him. He got approved for his grant and he didn’t have anyone in the USA to send it to him, so he wanted to use my bank account so that I could transfer the funds from my bank to a bank in Lagos, Nigeria. I gave him my bank account because I believed everything he told me. His bank put money into my bank, and my bank put it on hold because it was fake. Henry’s friends told me that if I don’t send him the money he put into my account, they would assassinate my family, my dogs, and myself. He sent me text messages saying my family, my dogs, and parents have three days to live. He also left me a voice mail and texted me two more times with the same threats. What a nightmare!