Ok… here we go…. to understand where I am coming from I have to let you know that I have been married to a very violent man. All this showed up after our daughter was born. Sickening jealousy and put downs has been on a daily basis. So, after all this hell including hiding because he wanted to kill me, and he kidnap our daughter from me. It took 3 years to finally find peace in our lives again. In between these years I also lost my loving mom to Alzheimer’s. I worked hard so me and my wonderful daughter could have a good life, then suddenly my back gave out on me . Not being able to work, but knowing there is still the need to make money. By that time it has been 12 years since we left my ex-husband. So there I am, very deeply depressed, very lonely and in terrible pain from my back 24/7. Never till this time did I have in mind to ever let anybody close to me or in my heart. Then I thought, what the hell I’ll try a dating side on Facebook. I was thinking, hey I have nothing to lose so I wrote some nice things about myself and included my picture. It didn´t take long and I had my first answers, and more and more. They were all sweeter than honey. OMG, it felt so great to get these compliments on my still bleeding heart. So I waited a week and then I answered them. WOW, my first time ever doing this. The response was quick and again very nice. I decided to pick this US Army Soldier Michael Smith. He was awesome looking, like I imagined a man to be. Not skinny, a few muscles, a 7 day beard with wonderful green eyes to complement his dark brown hair. I was 44 and he was 46, so perfect. He also had a daughter and lost his wife five years ago to cancer. His Facebook profile showed him with his Army buddy’s from the states playing football and hanging out. So I told him I would like to give him a chance.

It took two days and he sent me good morning greetings. He also sent me good night wishes. He told me he is in Nigeria on a Blue Helmed Mission and that the US Army trained the Nigerians how to fight and shoot. He told me not to wonder if he is not writing to me because he goes on Patrol shifts and he also is responsible as an E6 for his men. This was no problem for me. I told my daughter about whom I met and that he seems very nice. As soon as she heard Nigeria she said mom, “That man is a scammer and they ask you for money.” I answered, “Well, for now he is nice, and I don’t believe so”. Of course I wanted to prove my daughter wrong and Googled all about the UNO Blue Helmed Soldiers and the US Army, and if they are in the Region. Well growing up as a US Army child I knew that the Army is all over and in a lot of places and countries nobody knows about. So what I found online proved Michael’s story to be true and I was ok with that. My daughter did everything to show me he is not real, even picture searches, sadly with no results. Nothing was found about him. So, I kept on writing with him. Talks got longer and I told him that I believe he is a scammer. He was deeply shocked and responded like I just cut his heart in two. Nowhere in the world would he do such with all the sweet talking he did to me. I told him I have a bunch of questions to ask him so I can get to know him better. “Sure no problem” he says. I said “Ok, but no breaks in between. Just shoot the answers straight out, ok?” I asked him everything from head to toe. After a bit he cracked up and asked me if I had a list…hahahaaa. After I asked him many questions, he then asked me many questions based on mine. So now we talked every night, plus the good morning and good night wishes. I felt great! I couldn’t wait till the morning to see his mail. Nervously I waited in the evening hours for his messages, and around 11 pm we always stopped because he said his commander wants everybody in bed by then and the signal goes around camp.

It was over weeks getting to know each other through really intensive talks about likes and dislikes in life. What we both want from life and didn’t want ever again. He was very respectful and he was writing perfect English which I thought was proof again for him being a real American. By the 1st of July we had been talking on daily bases so much and often. It was then that he asked if I can do him a favor. He asked me for 50 Euro. The reason was his daughter’s Birthday and he cannot get to the bank in the next bigger City because it was too dangerous for the GI´s to go there at that moment of time. Of course, he said he would pay me back ASAP.

Well, my world broke down. Damn my daughter was right…damn, damn, damn, why me?????? All I wanted was to be loved! Everything was soooo great! Why is this happening now????? He reacted very hurt of me accusing him again of being a scammer. He told me not to worry he’ll never ask for help again. I felt sooo bad, but still knowing the shit he tried is not right. So I broke the contact to him.

On the 4th I went to a big 4th of July German, American Festival. I still had him on my mind and was feeling sad. So, by 11 pm the fireworks started and I couldn’t hold it no more. I wrote him Hi and he responded in the same minute Hi. He asked me why I am doing his to him…hurting him so much. I would be the first woman in all the years that caught his heart like it did. He is about to fall in love with me, and spend forever with me. WOW, that went straight into my heart. I felt sooooo happy for the first time in all the years. I felt like I finally found my soulmate. And there I am not helping him out in a needy situation, and he is talking about being mine forever. So, two days later I sent him 25 Euro cause that was all I had. He thanked me a million times and we went back to talking daily.

Then a woman wrote me asking who I was. Ok, he had all kind of American friend’s names on his list, including females so I didn’t think anything of it until this day! I had posted on one of his pics “He is mine now.” Well, I answered her who I am, and she starts telling me “No no, no, no Lady he is my man”. I thought to myself omg f…… God what kind of BS is this now. She told me about her and his plans. Raising her grandchild as theirs and opening a place of business in her Hometown. Hmmm, my blood started to flow really fast thru my veins and I contacted him. I wasn’t nice. I wrote how I felt. Immediately he got back to me telling me not to believe her. He had told her there would be no future between them two and she can’t handle it. She wants to destroy us, and so on….. I was out of control. I didn’t know who to believe. In the end he told me to decide on my own, but he does not want to loose me. I took my time and thought about it. However, he and that woman were sending me millions of messages. She absolutely did not look like me. She was way over 50 and had like eight kids, plus she was taking care of her girl’s baby. I decided to play and told him to write her so she’ll leave us alone. On the other hand, I told her I was taking a break from him. Well, a few days later she sent me a message with what he had sent her. It was what he had promised me. She was absolutely heart broken, and not understanding what was going on. I did feel sorry for her. I hate seeing people hurt, but in this one I told myself I am first! He acted all happy and relieved having me now for good. But I told him one more shit like this I’ll be gone for good. He knew the story of my past and I didn’t want a makeover. So, now we planned on spending his Leave together. He didn’t want to spend it all in the states because he couldn’t wait to finally meet me. I asked him about his daughter and he said everything is already planned with her care taker. Ok, how much is a flight? “1300 Euro” he said. Then he said “I have a secret to tell you. They have been out on patrol and checking old, burned or left houses. In there they found a big box with pure gold plus a lot of money. They are splitting in between 3 of us, and each had to hide theirs. I already have a plan how I can get it out of the Country. There is a man of the church on his way home to the USA, and has a flight stop in Frankfort Germany. I will give him the box and then this man will send it by UPS to your house.” I said, ok no problem as long as I don’t get into any shit. Now this man needed money because he would have to spend the night by the airport waiting for his next flight going to the US. So Michael asked me for 500 Euros for a hotel and food. I had just got my monthly pay so I decided to put the rent on hold and send the man that money because Michael told me as soon as I get the package I could open it and take the money for my rent. Well the package never got to me. I had talked to this supposed man of the church. I had seen pics of a box and a piece of paper saying it will be sent to me. That was try number 1. All together he tricked me 4 times. Each time was always around 500 to 1300 Euros. At the end, the gold got taken away by a stranger. In between all the love talk when he also called me. So now I heard his voice and his heavy accent. No American slang. But right then I only wanted him! The man that loves me so much and would die for me!!!!!! 5 times I paid for plane tickets, but of course he never came here. Excuses: He got robbed on the way to the airport in a Humvee with 3 other GI´s to bring him there safe. The other time somebody had put drugs in his duffle bag so he had to go to prison and needed 1500 Euros. Then again another time they denied his visa. One time he was supposed to be helped by his commander that took 1600 Euros, and the other time I had sent 800 Euro but he needed more, but I was financially dead. So he kept telling me he sees no future in us no more. He was very moody, not wanting to chat or talk. But if I stopped he came back on. I thought I was in a absolutely wrong movie. I continued to send little amounts in between 100, 50, 140, 200. Everything total I lost was over 10.000 Euro. Plus my Landlord kicked us out because I didn’t pay rent. Also I almost lost my car. I couldn’t pay my monthly rates no more. He had told me again and again to sell it, but I said NO, Thanks God. So now we came to the point to where we both knew we’ll never meet unless in the USA. We fought a lot because I could understand what he was telling me, and in the same way knowing the Army works different. Just like with these hop flights for every Army Personal easy to jump into. So no more love talking. No more feelings over the telephone. We just normal, daily, basic talking. That was in November and the year ended like this.

In January we spoke over the phone and suddenly he said he needs to tell me something that he cannot hold to himself any more. I thought oh shit he found another woman. NO! But he told me who he really is. He sent me pics of him. Telling me his real age (24 now 25) and how his feelings for me really are true. BOOM, this shot me in the head. WHAT????? I honestly got fooled??? My Daughter was right all the time???? I ruined us financially for whoooo?????????? NO soulmate, but a damn scammer!!! We talked for hours. I cried. He tried to explain himself. I told him I‘ll need a break before I say anything. I had no air to breath. Later that night he texted me and asked if I was ok and told me how deeply sorry he feels. Early morning he called me and I let my soul speak. I said that I am very hurt, very mad, but I still don’t want to lose contact to him. Happily he admitted he feels the same. By this time my dad got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s like my mom. It started a very hard and sad time for me. Michael, now Solomon helped me by talking to me every time possible. I could call him 24/7 and he would just listen or try to give me Gods strength that I needed so bad!!!!!! In between all this time the feelings came back. As my dad died we talked for hours daily and it really felt good. Whoever he is, he was there, and it helped me to not do something stupid. I liked who he was. Young, but very intelligent! Eager to see the world but he also stood for his Country. I never cared for Africa or even heard about living there. So he kind of opened my eyes to how hard it is to live there and survive. He told me why and how he got into this scammer business. His big dream is it to be a photographer with his own studio. He wants to stay in his country and not go to Europe or the States. So we talked again pretty regular but not daily. No more asking for money because I told him I have none, and in return he didn’t wanted me to send any anymore. One day he asked me to do him a big favor. He has somebody sending money to him from the USA but they cannot send it straight because WU wouldn’t send to Nigeria no more. Everything was great between us. We had a funny, all relaxed friendship with loving feelings so I thought. So, there was no problem for me to do him this favor. I went to pick up the money and sent it to him. This is how I knew he was still scamming. This sending to him took unusually long. 20 hours before he could pick it up. In this time he jumped my shit. He lost total control. He blamed me for stealing his money, and so on. It was pure hell. Calls and messages throughout the whole night and then finally he got the money. Then I jumped his shit and told him off. I let all my anger go, and he commented how he fooled me again. He never wanted a friendship; he could care less if I am dead or alive and I should grow up and understand. WHAT??????? WTF?????????? Ok, I said a few more things that just needed to be said and after that SILENCE! I blocked him on Facebook! He tried to get to me over Instagram saying how over the hill he went and that he is so sorry and if we could at least stay Facebook friends. HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. NO WAY! It was finally over!