My story started in 2017 when I decided to join a dating site mingle 2. From the beginning, right away, I was contacted by other women asking me for money. I had no trouble telling those other women no. In February 2018, I met a woman by the name of Annie from Quinlan, Texas on mingle 2. She messaged me and asked if I was Ok if she was half Nigerian and half White. I said It didn’t bother me. We started chatting and moved right away from the dating site to text messages. Right away, she wanted a commitment from me to be her forever girlfriend, and I said yes. We would both take our profiles of the dating site for good. We started chatting through text messages. When I asked if we could talk on the phone, her excuse was her phone wasn’t working. I had an old phone, so I deleted its history and sent it to her. She started using the phone. I was intrigued yet freaked out from day one because she told me she loved me right away, and I had never told a romantic partner I had loved them before. After we had been talking for two weeks is when the scam story started. Apparently her father left her an inheritance in Nigeria, and she was asking me for advice. Then the next morning, she asked me for 200 dollars because she needed to go to Nigeria and prove she was the heir and needed to pay her lawyer who had paid for a hotel room for two weeks. I blocked her right away because I knew in my heart it was a scam. After two days, I checked my email and found about 20 messages from her asking where I was and saying she loved me and sent me love notes, so I messaged her back. I sent her money that very same day. In total, I lost 10,000 dollars. She even sent me a check to cash and send back to her after we had been talking for nine months. I put in my bank, and it turned out to be fraudulent. When I confronted her, she denied it was fraudulent and blamed her friend who sent me the check. I sent this woman money for two years. If someone asks you for money and you don’t know them in real life, then run it’s not worth trust me. When I didn’t want to send her any money she would say I didn’t love her or trust her and she would go away if I didn’t send her the money. I even got a job at target just to send my scammer money. Then I got seriously ill in January 2019 and was put on oxygen for a heart condition. I thought Annie would leave me, but she started using me in other ways. She wanted me to open a PayPal account, and money would be put in there, and I would send it via western union to her. She claimed she sold stuff to pay for fees for her inheritance. Against my better judgment, I helped her. I did this several times. She also used sex to manipulate me. Never send the scammer any compromising pictures.

September 2019, I couldn’t ignore it anymore in my heart; I knew this person was a scammer. Also, my sister in law gave me an ultimatum that she wouldn’t allow me to see my niece and nephew unless I cut off all contact with my scammer. I love my niece and nephew more than my scammer, so I agreed. My sister in law was worried the scammer would harm her and the kids. I don’t blame her for feeling that way. At first, I was livid that she would say that to me, but then I realized she truly cared about her family and me. I blocked all means of contact with my scammer, whatsapp, hangouts, text message, email, and Facebook. I changed my phone number, and this time my scammer can never contact me again. In the past, when I was well and working, she would harass me with messages and say she couldn’t live without me and say she was going to commit suicide.