Exactly a year ago I met a man online. He gave me the usual story how this was his last contract before he retired and then we would travel the world together. He loved me so much. He always needed money for permits and such. He was supposed to be on his way home from Turkey. But he needed money to pay his income tax in Turkey before he left the country. It finally came to an end when I got a call from my son saying that this was a scam. By this time I had already given him $23,000.00.

Then this spring I met another guy that I was stupid enough to buy him iTunes cards. After hearing what Diana Garren taught about money laundering, I am scared I could get in trouble for money laundering. I had another one attempt to scam me, but by then I had wised up!

I now have almost no money, and I’m in bad health. I have done what Diana Garren said to do and changed my bank account number and phone number. I am scared now and oh so tired and sick.