Scammers will only do what brings them money. Once the achievement of our mission is fulfilled, people will be aware, educated, and no longer engage with scammers. This will cut off the cash flow scammers once enjoyed, and eradicate the Internet Romance Scam. No more innocent people will have their hearts broken, assets or identity stolen, go to jail or commit suicide. The billions of dollars that once left our country will now stay in our country and strength our economy.

Real Video:

Fake Video:


How to Stay Safe from Scammers When Online:

On social media, it is imperative to never chat with someone you do not know. If they send you a friend request out of the blue, they are a stranger and need to be deleted. If they send you a request to chat, they need to be blocked.

If you are on dating sites, you should only chat with people that are within a 30-50 mile radius and want to meet within a week.

The best way to know who you are chatting with online is by doing a video chat with them. You do not want to stay on long or say anything personal because video chats can be recorded.

Most scammers will say they cannot video chat because their camera is broken or some other lame excuse. Immediately disconnect if the person you are chatting with will not video chat.

Some professional scammers have “fake videos” to fool you. So, it is imperative to ask who you are video chatting with to do something in “real time” such as stand if they are sitting, sit if they are standing, touch their nose, write your name. When they cannot do this, or they shut off the video, immediately disconnect because it is a scammer!

Hackers steal innocent peoples pictures and videos. They then strip the sound, and they talk behind the screen while showing the video to make the victim think they are real. Please take a look at the real and then the fake videos below.