I was scammed by a white man who claimed that he lived in France, Bordeaux. He wrote and spoke to me in French. 20 August 2016 he wrote to me on Facebook messenger that he liked my profile and wanted to be my friend. I wrote to him that I was older, and he wrote back that it did not matter. He wrote he was a widower with a son six years old. His photos are identical, and we spoke via video. Let me call him DB.

Sometime later he wrote that he was falling in love with me and wanted me to come to him next month. I wrote I could come if he sent an invite. But, soon he went to the Ivory Coast of Africa to buy objects of local art for his shop. From there he wrote that his son fell ill and he wanted me to help with money to pay the doctor. I was surprised that an adult man had no money for an emergency, no credit card, no other people to help him. However, he managed to persuade me, and I sent him money. Then he asked me for money for return tickets and sent me a photo of a ticket (which was fake as I discovered later). Then I got an email from an alleged custom’s director Jean Koffi that my fiancé was detained because he had objects of art belonging to the local art museum and he had to pay a fine of € 5,400. I wrote that he was not guilty and they had to apply to the police. Then DB wrote that he was kept under arrest and sent me a copy of the document from Jean Koffi which was also was fake. I found out that the custom’s director was not Jean Koffi, but Isa Koulibali. I did not have such money and paid only a part. He promised to reimburse me the money as soon as he got to France where he had his deceased father’s bank account which he could open on 11 November. In October DB went to France, but then he wrote that the agent from the Ivory Coast came and made him go back to the Ivory Coast as he had not met the requirements. I asked BD to send me a photo of his passport, and he asked me to wait till morning (why?). He sent a photo which I later learned was also fake. I believed him and sent more money to pay the fine, but again this man needed money for tickets.

Time went on, and he was writing that they were starving. I took out credit and thought that all the troubles would end if they get home, open the account and reimburse my money.

It was in May 2017. They went back to the Ivory Coast of Africa as he wrote and promised to settle everything with the bank by the end of the month. But, then he wrote that he was in the hospital feeling very bad. I do not want to die, he wrote, pray, pray, pray for me. His last letter was on 6 June 2017. I wrote to him that I did not believe he died and would apply to the police if he did not send me money.

He reappeared three months later in September 2017 asking me if I had applied to the police and saying that he had to pay a lot of money for his treatment, he was also arrested and had to sell his car and house. He could not open the bank account because he had to pay a tax of € 35,000 of which he had paid €15,000. And, it was 200,000 on the account.

He was again was in the Ivory Coast of Africa because he had to pay debts there. He had the guts to ask me for money again and to buy a PCS card for him, and again they are sick and starving. We were chatting via Whatsapp, and I noticed that he was writing to others days and nights which he denied because I was one and only for him.
Now all is clear. And finita la comedia.