I met my scammer on the dating site Plenty of Fish (POF).  We chatted for a week or maybe more when he wanted me to take down my profile on the dating site, and he said he already took his down. So I did that because he said all the right things. Then about a week later he had to go to Dubai for work. When he got there, he told me his credit card would not work, so he asked me for money. I did not think anything was wrong so I sent him 200.00 then every week he asked for more money to eat, and I sent it until I had sent him 2,000.00. All the while he kept asking me to get money for a plane ticket so he could come home. Then he started demanding money from me. He would tell me he was sick from not being able to eat. All the time he needed to see a doctor and needed meds. I never did send the airfare money. When he started telling me to send him the money to eat, I quit sending him money and blocked him. To top it all off when I found the picture he was using the real guy in the picture is gay. So glad I learned in a short amount of time and didn’t lose more money then I did. I live on SSI, and that does not pay you much each month, so the money I sent him made me go without many things, and I missed paying some bills and had late payment fees. I lost more than 2,000.00 to my scammer.