Scott Dale sent me a message request on Facebook messenger. He was a handsome fella with photos and friends. All looked good, but I told him I don’t talk to strangers. He begged me to accept his Facebook friend request. After about 3 days on messenger with him, I accepted his request. He said he was a civil engineer from Big Springs, Texas and was a widow with a young daughter living in Michigan with an aunt. He started to have issues with his  Facebook and messenger accounts and wanted me to now talk to him through Hangout. He wouldn’t give me an email address or house address. He just always made excuses. I still kept talking with him. He would text and call me a lot at all hours of the night and day. When he would get off work at 5 pm he would go straight to bed exhausted. Well at that time it was 11 pm in Nigeria. Duh!! He said he was in love with me quickly and made plans to come see me in Dec 2017, but then all of a sudden he had to leave in Sept for Lagos Nigeria for 3 months to work. He wanted a cell phone and iTunes cards from me, but he got nothing! He sent me a lot of texts and love quotes. He didn’t sound American at all. We were in love with one another and we’re going to get married, so I thought. Lol!! My phone was always kept close to me so I didn’t miss a call or text from him. When I found out after 6 weeks that he was a scammer, I was totally crushed! I kept looking through his photos and crying my heart out. It took a good two months for me to move forward.


Iowa, USA