Good morning my beautiful friends! There is no doubt that being involved with a scammer changes us. Once we leave them we miss the sweet love talk they told us even though we know what they said was all lies just to gain our heart and our money. We grieve the loss of that relationship even though it was fake and we never met them in person. We have an emptiness because our hope of that fairytale life they created and promised us is gone…We will never be our old self again! How can we? We have experienced deceit at the greatest level! But, this experience makes us examine ourselves and adjust our lives. It makes us wiser and stronger, and a new, beautiful self is born out of that horrible experience and grief. For this we need to be grateful and say “Hello life, I am so happy to be back among the living, and promise to live life in the real and not the cyber world and I will never let anyone waste my time again!” Have a blessed day living your life to its fullest and in gratitude. Gratitude really does change our lives to the better!