Aloha, may this greet you in the best of health.

I have been asked to write my journey, my saga and my horror on this subject of online dating and the Internet Romance Scam. I have been waiting a long time to write this. Was I scared to let everyone know my identity has been stolen and used to hurt others, was I waiting to get more evidence that scammers have stolen and are using my identity to commit this horrible crime, or was it simply not the right time before? I am sure it was a little bit of it all.

I am now no longer a “silent” victim of this horrible crime. I am a “silent victim no more,” just what this organization stands for. I was viewing a TV show last night and the episode was on Sex Trafficking. I practically cried through the whole show witnessing what men and women will do for Money. Then it dawned on me sex trafficking is exactly what is happening in the “Romance Scam”.

The difference is that the Internet Romance Scam is sex trafficking for seniors, widows, widowers, divorcees, and the lonely women and men of the world. But, instead of trading physical sex of young innocent flesh, it is the trading broken hearts and money of the older flesh. But, the impact is the same… feeling raped, molested, abused, and victimized… all for money!

I have been in the Film and TV Businesses for most of my life, almost a semi celebrity, and I am also in the healing businesses. I have many pictures and videos online that the scammers hide behind. Yes, they use my looks and pretty blue eyes to lure women to fall in love with them. It is the scammer behind the screen and NOT ME! Scammers like to use men such as actors and models so they can have access to a lot of pictures because they know the woman will always ask for more pictures. If someone tries to chat with you and asks you for money using my face, please DO NOT BELIEVE THEM or GIVE THEM MONEY. They are scammers and it’s NOT ME! Scammers also steal my videos and strip the sound (my voice), they will then invite their victim to Skype and play my video, but they will talk. If someone comes on camera with you having me on video, please ask them to do something in real time such as, if I am sitting, ask for me to stand up. If I am standing, ask for me to sit. Ask for me to blow you a kiss. When I do not do any of these things, you know my video has been stolen and it is a scammer behind the screen and NOT ME! If someone is trying to scam you with my picture and/or video please contact me and Diana immediately at and and DO NOT SEND THEM MONEY. If you type in Rande Scott in images of Google you will find many pictures of me. If you type in Rande Scott in videos of Google you will find many videos of me. Listen to my voice and you will instantly know the man you are talking to is a different man than me. If you have been scammed, please get support and help at

My first experience with the Romance Scam was in 2004, when I was almost scammed out of money by a woman. This gave me an awareness of the Romance Scam. I think it was around 2009, that things really heated up for me, I have not kept track of all the women over the year but I want to say over 100 women have come to me and said, “Is this you?” And, I would say “Yes.” Once they heard my voice they would say “Someone has a profile with your pictures and they are pretending to be you.” I think at one time there were over 100 profiles on line in various social media where my images were being used, from dating sites to Facebook and Instagram, Skype, Viber, Yahoo, etc. The scammers give me many different names, but one name they like to use is Patrick Cook. Every time it was brought to my attention I would do what I could to have that profile taken down. Below is one fake profile a woman being scammed showed me.

One time a woman approached me after she got arrested. She was 70 years old and was receiving packages at her home and letting them be picked up by someone. Well, it turned out the scammers made her part of huge global credit card fraud, and this innocent woman on the back of my image was arrested all in the name of love. This is horrible!

I am telling my story now because everyone needs to be educated. This is why I have joined forces with Diana Garren and Silent Victim No More. She is the world’s best informant with this type of crime.

My Identity has been stolen so many times by so many aliases, and those that are making money using my identity don’t care how this is affecting my life. All they care about is raking in more money! I was sitting with a police officer telling him of this ongoing crime and he said there is nothing he can do about it.

A lady was being scammed by a scammer for months, and when she was in love enough to send him money her daughter found my videos. At first she was mad at me, but once I called her and she heard my voice, she knew right away I was not the scammer. She sent me the Viber number to the man that was scamming her and I texted him. He texted me back. I pretended to be a woman. I said, “I am going to the bank to see what money I can get for you sweetie, but I really want to see those gorgeous blues eyes of yours.” And, he sent me a picture of me

I write this article as a man who is a victim, and a man who has helped many victims by sending them to Diana L Garren.

You might ask why I am now coming forward to tell my story. Well, over the years I have always looked at myself as someone who cared and wanted to help these women that were being scammed and I never really thought of myself as a victim.

Now after all these years, and all these people stealing my identity and using different aliases to extort money from unsuspecting woman, the tables have turned. I have now become even more of a victim. There is someone claiming to be a reporter, who has decided that I am the scammer, when I am NOT! Now, not only are the scammers making me a victim by stealing my identity, but someone claiming to be a reporter is falsely accusing me without proof. Not only is he going after me, but he is also falsely accusing Diana who works tirelessly to help victims. Diana knows the truth about me, and she fights for victims. It is now time for me to fight back! Knowing who the man behind the screen is almost impossible so there is not much I can do to fight a ghost. But, I surely will fight someone that is here on American soil that is trying to ruin my reputation when I have done nothing wrong! I am fighting for me and ALL victims of this horrendous crime! I am NOT the only victim of identity theft, every person’s picture the scammers are using to scam both men and women are victims of identity theft!

Anyone reading this, if you can get us any media publicity we will greatly appreciate it. Please contact me or Diana. We need to stop innocent people from being abused by the Romance Scam and false accusations. We need to right the wrongs. Awareness, Education and truth will set us all free!

Rande Scott