Hello Diana, I want to let you know your book arrived and I am about 1/3 way thru it and already. It has answered so many lingering doubts I was having. Is it normal to experience the “what if’s”? What if he really wasn’t a scammer and I made a mistake. My heart keeps questioning this although my head is screaming “of course he’s a scammer!” Your book has already put to rest my doubts. As I read your scammers words and quotes I was amazed how he sounded just like Jay. Literally almost word for word! Do they have a manual they all go by??? His constant never ending badgering for money was the same in my case, and the talk about not loving or trusting when they don’t get there way. I am eager to finish the book. It is so informative and has settled all the “what if’s” for me. I am so grateful that I have met you and joined your support group of lovely ladies that know exactly how I feel. I sincerely hope that anyone having a case of “what if’s” will get your book and lay to rest any doubt.

God bless you Diana for your dedication.

Pam Tucker