Thank you all so much for welcoming me to the group!!!! Mine is a looooong story, so much pain. I am thankful for you all! I lost hundreds of thousands of dollars!! Please everybody pray for me! I finished reading DL Garren’s book early this morning. After 22 months of terror and pain, and hundreds of thousands of dollars, today is the day I am going to change my phone number and email address like Diana has instructed me to do. I am all alone remember, I have a very poor support system, so I need all of you to be behind me. I am so scared but I am relying on God’s power to help me get this done. Thanks everyone in advance. I am scared they will find me and hurt me. They can kill me, I don’t even care. As long as it is not painful, and is quick. They haven’t threatened me yet, but a month from now is when he is supposed to be able to come here from Turkey to see me. Yes, he is an “engineer” with a thick accent, and has been stuck in Turkey after not being able to finish a big project and needed all that money for various fees and equipment, etc., and I have been sending him large amounts of money including mortgage money from selling my house, cash advances from credit cards, and a lot of my disability income, leaving me so broke that I have been eating stale bread, and going without a lot. I sold all my fine jewelry, moved into a tiny apartment, and have lost so many friends over this. He has been in “detention” over there and my money was supposed to let him out next month – he has a “lawyer” who has been very aggressive and demanding, and now I will probably hear about how James is suffering so badly and he will probably say that he is dying because of this. I met him on Our Time, a dating site for seniors. That was almost 2 years ago. I fell for it mainly because he was so consistent about telling me that he would pay it all back when he gets home, and the lawyer is keeping track of every dime I have sent. Thank you for not being judgmental; I told you that I have lost many friends over this. They turned away from me in disgust. I don’t know what hurts most. Thank you for your care Diana, it means so much to me! The “lawyer” has been the roughest on me and has called me things like stupid and is very demanding. For a long time I was sending the money, per his request to Lagos, but MoneyGram finally stepped in and refused to complete the transaction, so they changed it to a receiver in Turkey, where they supposedly are and where James is in “detention.” MoneyGram let me send it to Turkey. He is now saying that there is a court order to pay $1500 now or James will be sent to the real prison. He is sounding panicky. I told him I don’t have to send him anything. I am so empowered after reading your book Diana! I know I won’t get my money back. It will have to be a lot of work to pay back those personal loans and cash advances. It feels like some sort of brain washing. My eyes were finally opened about a month ago and I got so upset the police had to come and then I was taken to the ER. I couldn’t stop crying and shaking but I finally calmed down. They let me go home in the evening. They were very compassionate, especially the women I encountered. I changed my phone number yesterday and I am not talking to James anymore like you told me Diana. It was the “lawyer” and James’ mom who emailed me only. This is the end, I told the lawyer to never ask me for money again. I never spoke to the “lawyer” on the phone. I don’t do email with James, and now he can’t call or text either. Thank you so much Diana. You and your book are life savers!