When you are in love, feeling alive, and living in a beautiful “fairytale” with your prince charming, who is like your “drug”, everything seems right with the world. Oh yes, you have that little voice telling you something isn’t right, at times you find yourself questioning things because of inconsistencies, and your bank account and other assets you had are being drained, but the “fairytale” and sweet dripping words are just too good, so denial kicks in to protect what you want. Who would ever want to leave a “fairytale” like this? The truth is, it’s not a “real” fairytale, it’s just an illusion. An illusion the scammer created to get to your money. If you have already sent money, your scammer has told you he will replace it when he gets home. The truth is, he is not coming home and the money you sent him you will never get back. The sooner you come out of denial and look at the truth, the sooner you will heal and get your life back. To get support from others who have been where you are, join our Facebook support group for romance scam victims https://www.facebook.com/groups/1540355089557643/. To better understand what just happened read “Who Is the Real Man Behind the Screen?”