To Whom It May Concern, My name is Elisabeth Vaughn. I’m a 63 yr. old Christian lady from South Carolina. In September of 2015, I received a friend request from “George Achenbach” and accepted his request. In October, I found out he was a scammer, so we broke it off. In December of 2015 I was still really depressed about losing him, so we got back together. I thought maybe he isn’t a scammer. WRONG!!! In February, it ended for a second time, this time for good! I must say I thought he was the man of my dreams and really fell for all his lies. This 2nd time around I was truly, truly depressed, even to the point of thinking of ending my life, that’s how bad off I was. Unfortunately unlike many others who got scammed for lots more than me, he got me for around $2,000. He might have gotten more, if common sense hadn’t prevailed.

I had joined a prayer group (Gods411) on FB & met a lady who three months earlier had also been scammed from a guy with a fake profile. That’s what started the ball running…I met several other ladies which eventually led me to Diana L. Garren of “Support Group for Romance Scammer Victims”. Let me tell you if it wasn’t for Ms. Diana, as well as the group, I’m not sure what I would have done. I couldn’t keep the scammer off my mind, but when Ms. Diana sent me a video as well as pictures of the real guys (e.i. scammers) who are behind the pictures, (stolen pictures of victims), the love letters, flowers, teddy bear, boxed chocolates, & promises of living forever together, it really hit home. These scammers are nothing but liars & thieves. They could care less about you and will stop at nothing to get money from you. The whole group on “Support for Romance Scammer Victims”, we’re really supportive in helping me heal, as well as them sharing their stories about what happened to them, it also helped me heal. In fact so many post as well as comments really helped me. Also being able to share my story was a help in healing. In fact we are encouraged to share not only our stories, but commenting on what others have said. What really helped me as well was to help others in their healing process. Not to mention, what signs to look for in a scammer, to prevent any of us from getting scammed once more. Great friendships have grown from this as well as growing stronger each day. Also this group has made me bold in telling others that are possibly being scammed, to end the relationship regardless of how much it may hurt. I also tell them about Ms. Diana and if they’d be interested in joining the group to get help & support. We must get the word out about scammers and all the different scams they have in their repertoire, and how to not get trapped in the scammer’s web of deceit. Thanks for hearing me out.

Thanks for doing all you do Ms. Diana. I pray that everything you do will help get the word out.

God bless you.