Victim Stories

Identity of Innocent Man Stolen by Scammers to Scam Women Out of Money

Aloha, may this greet you in the best of health.

I have been asked to write my journey, my saga and my horror on this subject of online dating and the Internet Romance Scam. I have been waiting a long time to write this. Was I scared to let everyone know my identity has been stolen and used to hurt others, was I waiting to get more evidence that scammers have stolen and are using my identity to commit this horrible crime, or was it simply not the right time before? I am sure it was a little bit of it all.

I am now no longer a “silent” victim of this horrible crime. I am a “silent victim no more,” just what this organization stands for. I was viewing a TV show last night and the episode was on Sex Trafficking. I practically cried through the whole show witnessing what men and women will do for Money. Then it dawned on me sex trafficking is exactly what is happening in the “Romance Scam”.

The difference is that the Internet Romance Scam is sex trafficking for seniors, widows, widowers, divorcees, and the lonely women and men of the world. But, instead of trading physical sex of young innocent flesh, it is the trading broken hearts and money of the older flesh. But, the impact is the same… feeling raped, molested, abused, and victimized… all for money!

I have been in the Film and TV Businesses for most of my life, almost a semi celebrity, and I am also in the healing businesses. I have many pictures and videos online that the scammers hide behind. Yes, they use my looks and pretty blue eyes to lure women to fall in love with them. It is the scammer behind the screen and NOT ME! Scammers like to use men such as actors and models so they can have access to a lot of pictures because they know the woman will always ask for more pictures. If someone tries to chat with you and asks you for money using my face, please DO NOT BELIEVE THEM or GIVE THEM MONEY. They are scammers and it’s NOT ME! Scammers also steal my videos and strip the sound (my voice), they will then invite their victim to Skype and play my video, but they will talk. If someone comes on camera with you having me on video, please ask them to do something in real time such as, if I am sitting, ask for me to stand up. If I am standing, ask for me to sit. Ask for me to blow you a kiss. When I do not do any of these things, you know my video has been stolen and it is a scammer behind the screen and NOT ME! If someone is trying to scam you with my picture and/or video please contact me and Diana immediately at and and DO NOT SEND THEM MONEY. If you type in Rande Scott in images of Google you will find many pictures of me. If you type in Rande Scott in videos of Google you will find many videos of me. Listen to my voice and you will instantly know the man you are talking to is a different man than me. If you have been scammed, please get support and help at

My first experience with the Romance Scam was in 2004, when I was almost scammed out of money by a woman. This gave me an awareness of the Romance Scam. I think it was around 2009, that things really heated up for me, I have not kept track of all the women over the year but I want to say over 100 women have come to me and said, “Is this you?” And, I would say “Yes.” Once they heard my voice they would say “Someone has a profile with your pictures and they are pretending to be you.” I think at one time there were over 100 profiles on line in various social media where my images were being used, from dating sites to Facebook and Instagram, Skype, Viber, Yahoo, etc. The scammers give me many different names, but one name they like to use is Patrick Cook. Every time it was brought to my attention I would do what I could to have that profile taken down. Below is one fake profile a woman being scammed showed me.

One time a woman approached me after she got arrested. She was 70 years old and was receiving packages at her home and letting them be picked up by someone. Well, it turned out the scammers made her part of huge global credit card fraud, and this innocent woman on the back of my image was arrested all in the name of love. This is horrible!

I am telling my story now because everyone needs to be educated. This is why I have joined forces with Diana Garren and Silent Victim No More. She is the world’s best informant with this type of crime.

My Identity has been stolen so many times by so many aliases, and those that are making money using my identity don’t care how this is affecting my life. All they care about is raking in more money! I was sitting with a police officer telling him of this ongoing crime and he said there is nothing he can do about it.

A lady was being scammed by a scammer for months, and when she was in love enough to send him money her daughter found my videos. At first she was mad at me, but once I called her and she heard my voice, she knew right away I was not the scammer. She sent me the Viber number to the man that was scamming her and I texted him. He texted me back. I pretended to be a woman. I said, “I am going to the bank to see what money I can get for you sweetie, but I really want to see those gorgeous blues eyes of yours.” And, he sent me a picture of me

I write this article as a man who is a victim, and a man who has helped many victims by sending them to Diana L Garren.

You might ask why I am now coming forward to tell my story. Well, over the years I have always looked at myself as someone who cared and wanted to help these women that were being scammed and I never really thought of myself as a victim.

Now after all these years, and all these people stealing my identity and using different aliases to extort money from unsuspecting woman, the tables have turned. I have now become even more of a victim. There is someone claiming to be a reporter, who has decided that I am the scammer, when I am NOT! Now, not only are the scammers making me a victim by stealing my identity, but someone claiming to be a reporter is falsely accusing me without proof. Not only is he going after me, but he is also falsely accusing Diana who works tirelessly to help victims. Diana knows the truth about me, and she fights for victims. It is now time for me to fight back! Knowing who the man behind the screen is almost impossible so there is not much I can do to fight a ghost. But, I surely will fight someone that is here on American soil that is trying to ruin my reputation when I have done nothing wrong! I am fighting for me and ALL victims of this horrendous crime! I am NOT the only victim of identity theft, every person’s picture the scammers are using to scam both men and women are victims of identity theft!

Anyone reading this, if you can get us any media publicity we will greatly appreciate it. Please contact me or Diana. We need to stop innocent people from being abused by the Romance Scam and false accusations. We need to right the wrongs. Awareness, Education and truth will set us all free!

Rande Scott

Told by an Almost Victim…Saved by Meeting a Victim of Identity Theft

I have been widowed for two years. On June 17, 2017 I met this guy on a dating website called Badoo. He told me his name was Rand Scott, and that he was working on an oil rig in Norway. He was so sweet, and I fell for his line “hook, line, and sinker!” We talked I guess for about two weeks, just  about general things people talk about when they are getting to know each other. Then he started insisting that I get a hold of his agent so that I could send the money for Rand to receive his contract payment, which was supposed to be over a million dollars. He told me to send the payment to the name the agent gave me. I would get the Cashier’s check in three hours after I sent the money. At first they wanted me to send $850 to cover some of the lawyer’s fees and shipping cost. When I told him I couldn’t send that much, he asked if I could send $400. And like a fool, I did try to send money twice, once by Money Gram, and another time by Western Union. I tried doing it on line with a debit card, and it didn’t go through either time (thank goodness). The Money Gram just didn’t go through, but Western Union took the money out of my account, and when it failed, I did get my money back in a few days.

He was very persistent about getting the contract payment, and how when I got it, I was to go buy us a big house and a car. He kept telling me he loved me, and when he got back we were going to be married and live happily ever after! I was obsessed, and I believed him. In the meantime, my daughter was trying to find out more about Rand Scott on Google, YouTube, and by looking up phone numbers. She found a lot of information on a Rande Scott, and she told me that she thought someone else was using his image to scam me. Of course, I didn’t want to believe her.

Rand wanted me to get on Viber so we could talk, so I did. Every day he would ask me the same questions, how did you sleep? Have you eaten? How is the family? And, he always asked what time was it over here. He was still very persistent about getting the contract money. Every time I told him I didn’t have the money to send, he would ask me if I couldn’t borrow it from one of my friends or my daughter. I told him absolutely not! I told him I didn’t drive. But, he keep hounding me to get to town to send the money.

I went on a mission trip with my church July 16- July22, and even when I was there, he insisted that I find a way to Wal-Mart (6 miles away) to send the money! Like I could just pick up and go any time I wanted to! By the time we got back from Missouri, I was getting pretty aggravated at him! I told him I would send the money when I had it, or I would make up excuses not to send the money.

On August 13, he messaged me wanting me to set up a Facebook account for him, so I did, and gave him the information. I put it on for him to log in. On August 14, I go to Facebook and see a live pod cast of Rande Scott, and thinking it was the same guy that was scamming me, I messaged him on Facebook and gave him seven kinds of hell. After I calmed down, I realized it wasn’t the same guy because the voice was different. Rande told me that this happens to him all of the time! Rande and Diana are trying to catch this guy, and a police report has been filed. I was one of the lucky ones, and I didn’t lose any money due to my daughter, the real Rande Scott and Diana. I pray to God that these scammers can be caught!


Told by a Pastor that His Wife Got Involved with a Scammer and Bankrupted Them

Last January, my began an online affair with a military romance scammer. Previously, She had come out of an illness where she was bedridden and I had to take care of her day and night. This lasted for over a year. A few months after this I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness. She began talking to this phony soldier online. This is someone she never actually spoke with. She fell in love with a stolen picture of a soldier via instant messaging. He began grooming her, asking questions like “Tell me about yourself” She would be vague and say things like “I’m just a down to earth girl.” He would ask her “What are you looking for in a man?” She would say “I don’t know how to answer a question like that.” He began to “love bomb” her with flattery and romance, he would say, “You are so kind and beautiful, I can’t wait to call you my wife” She would say “I have a husband” he would say “We will figure that one out later” and pour on more flattery like “You are my dream come true”. She began to respond with things like “The things you say make me feel tingly all over” and “I wish I had met you before I met my husband.” Then the affair was on. Every sentence began or ended with pet names. She was “Babe, Honey” and he was “my love”. She began to act like someone who was limerent. Floating around in a romantic “high” all the time. I began to suspect she was having an affair. But How? Where? When? We were together 24/7? Soon, she became hyper romantic and hyper sexual towards me. Telling me she loved me 20 times a day, demanding sex 3 times a day. I loved her so I tried to keep up. I thought she was losing her mind. It’s not normal for a 58 year old woman. About this time, she told me “I’m going to have to blacken my teeth and let my hair get gray, I have lots of men trying to friend me on Facebook” I said “You are a married woman, I trust you to do the right thing, I love you.” She said “I love you too.” I told her, “Everyone has their day, you look very beautiful, be careful on Facebook, and if anyone gets out of line, shut them down.” She promised she would. She didn’t, they were all flattering her and as she never dated much before we were married, she enjoyed the attention. On the same day, I also warned her about fraudsters on Facebook and that there were false profiles and not everyone was who they pretended to be. She began to transform before my eyes at this point. Lots of new clothes, she went from short hair to long hair, (something she had never done), Granny gowns and support bras to baby doll lingerie, and padded push-up bras. Lots of costume jewelry, she began riding her exercise bike like crazy trying to lose weight like never before. She became much more aggressive sexually than she had ever been. One day smiling she asked me “Do you think we should get a divorce?” I said “No baby! Why would ask such a thing I love you!” She said “All our friends are divorced, and they seem happy!” She claims to not even remember this discussion now. The same day, someone tried to call her on Facebook Messenger and she tried hiding the phone, smiling an embarrassed smile. Soon I was on an emotional roller coaster with her. One day hyper romantic and sexual, the next critical and nitpicky, insulting and emotionally abusive. Back to hyper romantic and sexual, she began calling me “baby cakes and treating me like a sick child she was responsible for and protecting from a terrible secret. Soon, she began showing me pictures of her online “pen pal” (i.e. the romance scammer) I was naive, didn’t believe that anyone could fall in love on the internet it just seemed absurd. She soon was getting me to take pictures of her on her phone unknowingly she was sending them to her new “love”. One day I walked by the kitchen table and I saw a flash, it looked like she had taken a “selfie” of her chest in a sexy nighty. She said she was just looking at Facebook and accidently hit the camera button on her phone. I naively accepted her explanation as I loved and trusted her. One night, I thought she was texting the kids sitting across from me and she was carrying on a highly sexual conversation with this (Sgt David Jones) character. I found out later that this was when the discussion took place because she asked me at the time “How do you spell “passionate”? ” I told her, the real discussion went like this Scammer: “Do you like sex?’ Wife: “Yes, I’m a very passionate person, my husband calls me his hot pepper, I am Hispanic you know”. She said “How big are you?” He promptly sent her a picture of a penis he had stolen off of craigslist I assume, and said “I want to F— you really hard.” All this right in front of me! We began hemorrhaging money for no apparent reason and so I got an additional part time job to keep up with her spending. This was a serious mistake as it freed her up with more time to herself to send the scammer more money. He asked her to marry him twice, both times she said “yes.” He said “Divorce your husband” she said “no, my husband is ill and you will have to wait for me.” He told her “You will be a rich widow.” Once he was able to get her to fall in love with him, he began asking for money, first 800.00 for a passport as he was stuck in Ghana and needed to get back to Afghanistan or be awol. After that, it was to purchase leave time so they could “be together” She sent him money over 21 times, all on credit card cash advances, we are now bankrupt. Many of these accounts she opened herself without my knowledge or consent. Many were mine and she was on the account as well being my spouse. I got a fraud alert on one of my credit cards and she began suspiciously asking for time to visit her sister on a weekend where I would be out of town. This all happened the same day. She also asked me to go fill up her car for her for the trip. I began to get angry, realizing that she was asking me to fill up her car so she could go meet a “lover” somewhere. I broke into her Facebook chat and discovered the following conversation.

Wife : Where R U my love? I worry about you!

Scammer: I am here.

Wife: I love you so…I can’t wait to be with you.

Scammer: I love you too babe, soon we can be together, I can meet you at my house in New York or in Austin.

Wife: No I will be in Mineral Wells my love, do you understand?

Scammer: I can do that, I can’t wait to see you and hold you through the night.

Wife: I can’t wait for you to make love to me.

Scammer: Awww I want to F— you!

Here my wife of 37 years who had saved herself for marriage to me was arranging to have sex and run off with a man she had never met in person. Absolutely incredible. I blew up, ordered her to leave and told her she was an idiot! That this man was not coming, he did not want a casual sex partner or a wife, he just wanted money and she was stupid enough to send it to him. I further told her that he was not coming, and that all she would hear from him is how he needed more money for the trip. She said “He’ll pay the money back,” and “No he won’t” and drove away. I had a heart attack on the spot and had to be taken to the hospital. She went to her sisters and kind of “snapped out of it” and sent me a text “I believe you”. Broke it off with him saying “You hurt me, you are not real!” , Don’t ever contact me again. Then she said she wanted to reconcile. We have been trying to do that ever since but she keeps saying things that makes me believe that if she ever had any kind of moral compass, due to the psychological damage inflicted by the scammer, it is gone. She says things like “Well, I guess you will always be the only man in my life.” When I waited on her hand and foot for a year when she was bedridden I barely ever got a thank you. He gives her romantic BS and she says “You are so kind and sweet to me my love.” unreal! I asked her if she knew it could be fatal to me with my heart condition if I discovered her affair. She said “yes, I did, but it didn’t stop me.” I proved to her that he was on 10 dating sites and put her in touch with a single woman he was dating online at the same time he was talking to her. She was always paranoid about my cheating on her even though I never did. I Asked her if she would have broken up with him if she knew he was cheating on her. She said yes, I said it was ok for you to cheat on me but it was not ok for him or me to cheat on you? She gave me a puzzled look like she never realized that she thought she was the only one who didn’t have to live by the rules of monogamy. She doesn’t seem anywhere as enthusiastic about our marriage or as passionate about reconciling as she was her affair. She doesn’t want to talk about it, she just wants me to “get over it and move on.” What has happened to my wife? We weren’t fighting when this started, we were best friends and lovers, we were a normal married couple, we were always together, I am mystified at the way her mind was warped by online brainwashing!

David White

Told by a victim that was scammed out of hundreds of thousands of dollars

Thank you all so much for welcoming me to the group!!!! Mine is a looooong story, so much pain. I am thankful for you all! I lost hundreds of thousands of dollars!! Please everybody pray for me! I finished reading DL Garren’s book early this morning. After 22 months of terror and pain, and hundreds of thousands of dollars, today is the day I am going to change my phone number and email address like Diana has instructed me to do. I am all alone remember, I have a very poor support system, so I need all of you to be behind me. I am so scared but I am relying on God’s power to help me get this done. Thanks everyone in advance. I am scared they will find me and hurt me. They can kill me, I don’t even care. As long as it is not painful, and is quick. They haven’t threatened me yet, but a month from now is when he is supposed to be able to come here from Turkey to see me. Yes, he is an “engineer” with a thick accent, and has been stuck in Turkey after not being able to finish a big project and needed all that money for various fees and equipment, etc., and I have been sending him large amounts of money including mortgage money from selling my house, cash advances from credit cards, and a lot of my disability income, leaving me so broke that I have been eating stale bread, and going without a lot. I sold all my fine jewelry, moved into a tiny apartment, and have lost so many friends over this. He has been in “detention” over there and my money was supposed to let him out next month – he has a “lawyer” who has been very aggressive and demanding, and now I will probably hear about how James is suffering so badly and he will probably say that he is dying because of this. I met him on Our Time, a dating site for seniors. That was almost 2 years ago. I fell for it mainly because he was so consistent about telling me that he would pay it all back when he gets home, and the lawyer is keeping track of every dime I have sent. Thank you for not being judgmental; I told you that I have lost many friends over this. They turned away from me in disgust. I don’t know what hurts most. Thank you for your care Diana, it means so much to me! The “lawyer” has been the roughest on me and has called me things like stupid and is very demanding. For a long time I was sending the money, per his request to Lagos, but MoneyGram finally stepped in and refused to complete the transaction, so they changed it to a receiver in Turkey, where they supposedly are and where James is in “detention.” MoneyGram let me send it to Turkey. He is now saying that there is a court order to pay $1500 now or James will be sent to the real prison. He is sounding panicky. I told him I don’t have to send him anything. I am so empowered after reading your book Diana! I know I won’t get my money back. It will have to be a lot of work to pay back those personal loans and cash advances. It feels like some sort of brain washing. My eyes were finally opened about a month ago and I got so upset the police had to come and then I was taken to the ER. I couldn’t stop crying and shaking but I finally calmed down. They let me go home in the evening. They were very compassionate, especially the women I encountered. I changed my phone number yesterday and I am not talking to James anymore like you told me Diana. It was the “lawyer” and James’ mom who emailed me only. This is the end, I told the lawyer to never ask me for money again. I never spoke to the “lawyer” on the phone. I don’t do email with James, and now he can’t call or text either. Thank you so much Diana. You and your book are life savers!


I Was Scammed Out of Over 90,000 USD

I am a 52 year old woman from Russia. I met my scammer on Facebook on 2th of February. He introduced himself as Randy Scott from LA California, USA, an engineer, who has been working for CERN for 20 years, he said that his current place of work is the station in Aruba.

I lost 65,000 USD that I have transfered to the scammer and my apartment in less than 3 months so now I am homeless and with large debts. In total I have lost almost 90,000 USD. I am high educated person, have been on internet since 1995 and on Facebook for 6 years, but I never have faced with fraud there until now.

So I considered me as enough experienced person in order to not become cheated by anyone there. I am divorced but lived with my younger son, 28 and his girlfriend on the moment of the meeting with my scammer. I don’t know how it happened that I got to believe this man because I was sure I was happy to stay alone for 8 years, I was not going to seek any romance relationship at all.

But now I have to realize that scammers work very professionally, their psychological skills are on a very high level. Day by day they involve you in close relationship with them showing the deep interest in all spheres of your life. If you believe in God they use God. They pray with you and they often mention God in their correspondence with you. They make you trust them totally. When you feel lack of communication with your close people they really try to replace your relatives and friends with themselves, to isolate you from other world. Because in that case you realize that the only person who really is concerned in you is the man behind the screen. Even though your mind tries to send some warning signs to you your heart, it just denies and you believe in them. You become blind.

I was convinced by my scammer and so called managers from Comerica bank and CERN that I had to open a bank account in order CERN was able to transfer retired money of my future husband, they sent to my mailbox the scans of my banking card, my US passport and later the video of USA passport of my scammer.

I was confused a lot because of my scammer offered to meet my family and he communicated with my son on Facebook, we openly told him about our suspicions towards him, CERN and the bank but he always gave us necessary explanation. My son found that the all photos my scammer sent to me were of another man, Rande Scott, an American actor. I wrote to him that I had suspected I was involved in Fraud, he confirmed that all pictures that my scammer used on his Facebook page and also sent to me belong to him.  When I asked my scammer about this he answered he is a real man, and that he just looks similar to Rande Scott, the actor.

Even though I got to suspect my scammer and tried to send Fraud messages to Comerica bank (I was told I was opened an account on my name at that bank), CERN and even US Embassy in Russia and US Government website I was not able to receive any help from anybody.

My sons were sure that this man was a scammer, so when I make a decision to sell our apartment and transferred the money to my account at the bank they stopped to communicate with me so when I was able to believe I was really scammed and lost 65,000 USD and the apartment. I had to realized that I stay alone without any moral and material support and homeless without any place to live and any money for living.

At that moment I got sick and was on sick leave for 12 days, I lost weight, I really lost the will to live, but I still continued to keep hopes that maybe all around me are wrong, because I refused to believe that the man which became so close and special to you could be so cruel, that I was used by him only for money. Those thoughts simply were killing me inside. I refused to accept that there won’t be any future with this man, Randy Scott. I had nobody to share my issue. I was aware they won’t be able to understand me properly. It was only my fault and my responsibility because it was my own choice to continue to trust that man after my son discovered that he used fake profile on Facebook. It was my choice to trust in the scammer not in my family. It was my responsibility that my family stayed without home and lost large amount. I was told that I deserved all that happened to me so I started to blame myself more and more. I prayed God to take my life right now because I didn’t see any purpose for living further.

I wrote to real Rande Scott asking to verify the USA passport of my scammer, and after he confirmed that the passport was fake I shared that I lost 65,000 USD and my apartment already.

After that he invited me to the Support Group for Romance Scam Victims on Facebook. He was a victim of scammers through using his identity to scam women on internet.  So I sent friend request to Diana L. Garren via Facebook and within an hour talked on Skype with her, our conversation lasted more than 6 hours despite of Diana had undergone surgery that day.

That day became a point of my returning to life, of my emotional and mental recovering. It is very important to get support from those who had gone themselves through the same suffering and pain, through all misunderstanding and self-blaming. I visited some psychologist here at my place who is very professional, but I didn’t receive warmness and understanding that I needed so much. I was told the same things that before that I deserved all what happened to me because I have some inner problems on inner level of my being that caused me become vulnerable in face of the scammer. Of course she was right, but at the moment between life and death you need the word of support not judgment and condemnation.

I shared my story with our group and felt such relief after that, because I had to know that the majority of them lost a lot of money, that all of them were well educated women and all their faults were just that they trusted in scammers, in their words of love and the future with those men.

I have realized how it is important to be among those who were able to overcome their mistakes but not to give up, it is crucially to see the examples of recovering mentally and emotionally by your own eyes.

I just wanted to express my deep gratitude and love to Diana for all her attention and support, for all her sleepless nights that she spends with us because of the time difference between us.


A Man from Nigeria Stole My Money, Home, Vehicle, Family, Friends, Heart and Soul

My name is Teresa. I live in North Carolina. I was 50 years old and newly divorced when I was scammed. I met my scammer in early 2013.  He approached me on Facebook through a friend request. At the time I was working at one of the largest medical centers on the East Coast.

My scammer pretended to have worked at the medical center at one time as a psychologist. The pictures he sent me were of a man in Shrewsbury London.

Through our conversations I believed him because he had appeared to have a lot of knowledge about NC and my line of work. He told me he had moved to Houston Texas to continue his practice.

We talked online for several months while he lived in Texas. He was a widow with a 7 or 8 year old son. His mother lived in Germany and his father in Africa. That explained his mixed race.

One day I never heard from him. It was into the next night that he messaged me and said he had to take an emergency flight to London. That he was called to a conference to assist people with suicide intentions due to tragedies that happened in their life.

Around this time is when he started asking for money. He said he counseled people, but they were not required to pay in those countries only if they could afford too. So I sent money for him and his child to live on.

Scenarios like this went on for two years. He had made many many attempts to come back to the states. But couldn’t due to lost passports, legal documents, etc. etc…Then came a sudden move to Nigeria. It was a poor country…he and his child had to eat.

I had even planned a trip there to meet him and maybe get married there and come back to the states as a family.  His request for money came more frequent and the sums larger. He would get angry when I had to wait till payday. So I started getting suspicious and asking questions. Then he disappeared again for several days and one day his “sister” left a message on Facebook and said he was hospitalized and couldn’t talk due to the stress of not having money to come back to the states. I told her that he was on his own that I couldn’t send the amount of money she was saying he needed to leave the hospital.

In a few days he called me and said he needed to come clean and showed his true identity. He was a Nigerian. For several months he begged for money claiming he was starving.

Then I found the support group Diana started and read her book. She and the group helped me see that it was all so, so wrong.

Monetary value wasted was around 5,000. I’ve lost so much more than money. I lost time…time that I’ll never get back. I chose him over my family…I always wanted to be home to await his calls when I wasn’t working…I was working all the time to be able to send him money. I lost my home…my vehicle…my friends…family…money…my heart and my soul.

My grandkids are my world. I can’t believe I lost time with them because of him. Time I can’t get back. My grandkids and I should be much closer, but I feel a gap there. He destroyed my spirit. I really don’t even know why or what I’m even existing for some days. It is three years and it’s still much too painful to talk about. I’m just now beginning to be able to talk about it. My spirit has been broken. And I don’t know that it’ll ever come back. That’s why I don’t say much in the group. I really don’t feel worthy.



He Kept Pulling Me Back Into His Web of Deceit

To Whom It May Concern, My name is Elisabeth Vaughn. I’m a 63 yr. old Christian lady from South Carolina. In September of 2015, I received a friend request from “George Achenbach” and accepted his request. In October, I found out he was a scammer, so we broke it off. In December of 2015 I was still really depressed about losing him, so we got back together. I thought maybe he isn’t a scammer. WRONG!!! In February, it ended for a second time, this time for good! I must say I thought he was the man of my dreams and really fell for all his lies. This 2nd time around I was truly, truly depressed, even to the point of thinking of ending my life, that’s how bad off I was. Unfortunately unlike many others who got scammed for lots more than me, he got me for around $2,000. He might have gotten more, if common sense hadn’t prevailed.

I had joined a prayer group (Gods411) on FB & met a lady who three months earlier had also been scammed from a guy with a fake profile. That’s what started the ball running…I met several other ladies which eventually led me to Diana L. Garren of “Support Group for Romance Scammer Victims”. Let me tell you if it wasn’t for Ms. Diana, as well as the group, I’m not sure what I would have done. I couldn’t keep the scammer off my mind, but when Ms. Diana sent me a video as well as pictures of the real guys (e.i. scammers) who are behind the pictures, (stolen pictures of victims), the love letters, flowers, teddy bear, boxed chocolates, & promises of living forever together, it really hit home. These scammers are nothing but liars & thieves. They could care less about you and will stop at nothing to get money from you. The whole group on “Support for Romance Scammer Victims”, we’re really supportive in helping me heal, as well as them sharing their stories about what happened to them, it also helped me heal. In fact so many post as well as comments really helped me. Also being able to share my story was a help in healing. In fact we are encouraged to share not only our stories, but commenting on what others have said. What really helped me as well was to help others in their healing process. Not to mention, what signs to look for in a scammer, to prevent any of us from getting scammed once more. Great friendships have grown from this as well as growing stronger each day. Also this group has made me bold in telling others that are possibly being scammed, to end the relationship regardless of how much it may hurt. I also tell them about Ms. Diana and if they’d be interested in joining the group to get help & support. We must get the word out about scammers and all the different scams they have in their repertoire, and how to not get trapped in the scammer’s web of deceit. Thanks for hearing me out.

Thanks for doing all you do Ms. Diana. I pray that everything you do will help get the word out.

God bless you.

My Good Sense Saved Me from Losing Money to a Scammer

My first encounter with Sergeant Kelvin Williams from Tucon Arizona and serving in the US Army was on 4th November 2015. I received a friend request on Facebook and was intrigued as to how this dashing US soldier had come across my contact details. I responded asking if we had friends in common.  He told me he was a secret admirer and enjoyed looking at my profile picture.

After reading the Real Man Behind the Screen I now realise that his questioning about my status etc. was his way of seeing whether I qualified to be a good candidate to scam.  I now realise that I was too open and honest from the word go and fed him with information which served to ensure him that he had a good victim.

I told him that I was a widow of 18 years. He sympathised and said that he was a widower who had lost his wife to breast cancer three years ago and was left to bring up his 6 year old son. He went on to say that his son (picture of toddler approx. 2 years) was in his house in the UK with a Nanny while he was on a peace keeping and surveillance mission in Abuja, West Africa.

I noticed from our first correspondence that his diction was very poor and his messages were peppered with spelling mistakes and poor grammar. It was always in lowercase (i). He also used ok a lot which I found very annoying.  I tried to overlook all these imperfections in order to find out more about him.  He wanted to know everything about me but in hindsight I realise he told me very little about himself.

When I asked him to talk on the Messenger phone he said that he was not allowed to because of being in the Military, but gave me a mobile number which I could not get through to.

Within a week he was madly in love with me and planning to come to UK to spend Xmas with me!! He started asking prying personal question. I told him that I had not known him long enough to answer these questions. He was in a rush to find a suitable partner to share the rest of his life with and to help bring up his son and he felt I was that person.

Always wearing my cautious hat, I felt that he was moving too fast and all was not right but decided to play along with him. He gave me all the flannel about being the one he has been looking for all his life, his soul mate, his everything and that he would not be complete without me.  Had I been young and naieve by this time I too would have been madly in love!!

By 13 November he was asking me to apply for 3 weeks emergency leave so he could come to the UK to spend Xmas with me. He said that as it was emergency leave the girlfriend, wife, partner etc. had to apply. I told him that I was not one for making spur of the moment decsions, I had to assess the situation and take everything into consideration. He counteracted by telling me he has lots of money to spend as he earns $48,000 a month and will lavish me with everything I want and need when he comes to the UK. Eventually I said ok and asked what I needed to do.

He sent a draft of the emergency leave application letter for me to copy and send to his Commander in Chief.  This I did.  I completed it and forwarded as he asked albeit that it was to an Outlook address.  I knew the US Army would not be using an Outlook address.  I was shocked and horrified by the response I received from his “Commanding Officer in Chief”, it was really badly written and gramatically appaling.

I did some research and found that the so-called CinC had retired 3 years previously.  When I was asked to pay $1,500 for the pleasure of Sgt Williams’ company I knew for sure that I had been scammed.

At this point I called him a scumbag and told him that I knew he was a scammer and that Nigerians are famous for scamming – to get a conscience and a life and go and earn a living in a decent way.  I was sorry and felt foolish that I had been taken in by his scam. His response was to tell me that I had really hurt his feelings and the only reason we was still talking to me was because he loved me so much.

I decided to change tactics and plead poverty.  His reply was that he would try to get half the money from a friend if I could come up with rest.  Talk about half a loaf is better than none!  This scammer was just not giving up.

Eventually I stopped replying to his messages and after 3 days of no response from me he gave up and deleted himself from my Facebook page.  All his messages were deleted but after a while they were reinstated so I still have the proof of our correspondence.

At this point I decided to do some research on “scammers” and came across Diana Garren and her Support Group.  I bought and read Diana’s book “The Real Man Behind the Screen”. This has been a real eye opener.  I have learned so much and I am passing information on to family and friends who I know go on the Internet to warn them not to let curosity get the better of them (like it did me) because these scammers will stop at nothing to get hold of your money.

I was fortunate that my cautiousness stood me in good stead and I was not persuaded to part with any money unlike some victims who have lost everything.

Diana is doing sterling work to bring these scammers to the world’s attention. I hope and pray that she will be successful in her mission and that those in power and who can help will listen and endeavour to erradicate this heinous crime which has destroyed the lives of so many people.