Don’t be that person who gets wooed by a Romance Scammer for lack of knowledge.

Silent Victim No More took over the studio @ MXMGATL 98.9FM for “True Life Experiences”. Guest Host & Author Diana L. Garren, and two victims from her online romance scam support group shared their Romance Scam and revealed how to recognize the “Real Man Behind the Screen!” Here is the knowledge and understanding needed to keep your heart and money safe!

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Have You Heard About the Internet “Romance Scam?”

On July 20, 2017, Diana L. Garren will take over the studio as the Guest Host at MXMGATL, 98.9 FM, for “True Life Experiences.” Diana is the Author of “Who Is the Real Man Behind the Screen?” Founder of “Silent Victim No More, Intl.,” and the “Support Group for Romance Scam Victims” located on Facebook. Diana will be sharing her knowledge and interviewing both Maria Wichman and Pam Tucker, who have been victims of the Romance Scam and are coming forth to educate and help break the silence!

  • Are you between the ages of 40 and 75 or have loved ones in this age bracket?
  • Do you think the Internet romance scam cannot happen to you?
  • Have you been scammed by a romance scammer, and are now devastated and don’t know where to turn?
  • Are you currently being scammed and in denial that he is not real, and you do not want to give up those fairytale dreams the scammer has created?
  • Do you have a family member or friend that is currently being scammed and will not listen to reason?

If any of this applies to you, you cannot miss this show!

Jazz’ Thomas-Jones: Diana on MINGXMEDIAGROUPBTR 98.9FM

Thursday – March 17, 2016 at 3:00pm, edt!

We welcome Author Diana L. Garren, Founder and CEO at True Perceptions, Inc. a business consulting & perception management firm based in the USA.

“Think you know who you are talking to on social media? Think again, who is the Real Man behind the screen!”

How to protect your Heart and Money when dating online!

Please tune in for #TruePreceptions!

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DL Garren Radio Appearance on PI’s Declassified with Francie Koehler

Protecting Yourself from On-Line Dating Scams

February 26, 2015
Hosted by Francie Koehler, CPI, CCDI

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On-line dating has become a popular method to locate that once-in-a-lifetime prince or princess charming. Whether it is an on-line dating service or a social media site, it is a convenient and accessible way to meet others. It is no secret, however, that the internet can be fraught with scammers and fraudsters, ever-ready to prey on the vulnerable and unsuspecting. The idea that “it can’t happen to me” is common but, unfortunately, it can happen to anyone! What are the red flags? Tune in to hear DL “Diana” Garren, author of Who is the Real Man Behind the Screen? Diana will provide insight on the predator’s tools of deception as well as report on the inner workings of the scamming world as told to her by the fraudsters themselves.

The FARA Radio show Appearance with DL Garren


You want to hear this radio show…It is the first in a series of four on The FARA Radio show, “Navigating Your Epic Life” on Love 860 every Friday night from 6-6:30pm est. On January 23rd and 31st we talked about dating scams and many topics that is in my book, Who Is the Real Man Behind the Screen? Online Dating: How to Protect Your Heart and Money. Please share this. We need to educate as many as possible! Thank you.

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